Bob Badland (P2305) was ‘T boned’ on a roundabout while riding his Pykett A.J.S.      Second photo was taken following repairs.
Howard German (P2086) and Dragwaye by Vic Willoughby, Motor Cycle, October 1965
Howard German and Clive Waye with Dragwaye. Don Morley Copyright photo.

Howard German (Dragwaye) Blackbushe, 1964. Don Morley Copyright photo.
Howard German (Dragwaye) Blackbushe, 1964. Don Morley Copyright photo.
Chris Oliver (P1855) 1973 Triumph Adventurer.
W.C.S. Gone but not forgotten….
I.S.D.T. Sweden 1978. (P2196, P1855, P1167)
1970 Burgess Montesa engined ‘Sachs’.
Graeme Hardy at the Kop Hill Climb, aka ‘George Formby, Speed Demon’ and ‘Tazio Nuvolari’
350 cc Hagon J.A.P. grass track bike
Stuart Miller 5th May 1950 to 3rd July 2018, a great bloke!
Russell Brockbank- see
Gail & Arthur Browning
2012, Troy Corser on the limit, 1937 BMW R5SS
The ‘Handy Shopper’, for getting to the shops a little faster!
A.P.M.C. Stand at the Stafford Show
Salisbury Saunter, a variety of machinery
George Beale, Don Morley, Vic Blake, Ken Brady at the 2019 A.G.M.
Ken Brady P2119 1964 Velocette Venom at the Bristol Show
The Stafford Show APMC stand, 2019.
Umberto Masetti – see APMC Magazine March 2019

Notes on Masetti, Duke and Surtees from Derek Cheesbrough P2270. Masetti was one of the many brilliant Italians. Unfortunately Duke and Surtees were there at the same time as him. The MV4 was top heavy. Duke redesigned the Gilera like a ‘Featherbed’. Duke’s ‘dud’ rear tyre was a Dunlop. This incident caused him to move to Avon, a better tyre.

Umberto Masetti – Gilera in period

Umberto Masetti
Umberto Masetti 2018.

Umberto Masetti 2018

Umberto Masetti 2018

Umberto Masetti

Umberto Masetti statue.

Umberto Masetti
Nice day for the White Peaks run.
Bayswater Scramble 1939. John Fellows centre, Ted Knight P1167 right and friends.
Ted Knight P1167 350 Triumph, left. Red Road Hill Climb, 4th August 1940
Ted Knight (P1167) 494 BMW, Exeter Trial, 6th & 7th January 1939.
Charlie Harris P2338 (Greeves Challenger) Witley Boxing Day Scramble 1964.
Young John Knight P2196 (500 Cheney Triumph) Photo Derek Soden.
Sammy Miller MBE P1788. NSU Sportmax at the Sammy Miller Museum, New Milton, Hants.
Sid Moram’s Motorcycles, Wexham Street Corner, Slough. 1924 to 2011.
A Lady APMC member’s BSA C15T at the Streatham & DMCC Star Group Trial 5th Nov. 2006.
Marco Raymondin Cheney Triumph, Beauval, France, 2013
Marco Raymondin, Greeves TFS HEV37B, Clamart, France, 1967
Harald Strossenreuther KTM. ISDE, Elba 5-10th October 1981. Photo by Redento Magri. One of the best ever Enduro photos?
C. S. Burney. A.P.M.C. Founding Member no P1. 19th February 1929 (Beaulieu Motor Museum Collectiom)
B.S.A. Advertisement 1955, featuring Johnny Draper.
Young MJ! P1832.

The first bike upgrade…..
                 On the same theme, “Start ’em young!”
A Supermoto star in the making. He will be eligible for A.P.M.C. Pioneer status in only 32 years time!

3rd October 2019. North Leicester Lanes Run. Pat P2247 and Ann Davy P2339.
3rd October 2019. North Leicester Lanes Run.
Hutchison 100 Trophy won by Les Archer Senior 1932 ; Les Archer Junior (P1917) in 1947. Must be the only Father and Son to win the Hutchinson 100.

1960 British Moto Cross Grand Prix, Hawkstone Park. Geoff Ward P1996 Riding a Cheney AJS.